i'm in the corner....

soooooo scenario- superbowl. fun, friends, drinking, commenting on commercials.....sneaking off to the snowy backyard to take some grainy iphone pics while everyone wonders why we are missing the halftime show?  yes, this really does happen, almost on a daily basis.  spent sunday having a girls day of plays, pizza, and cocktails before finally deciding to join society for the game but realizing photo ops are so much better.  brought out the bronze docs once more, the snow and ice were not something to attempt in my usual 6 inch heels.  faintly jealous of amanda's over the knee boots, but worked off the jealousy by scaling the brick walls behind the house while we avoided being impaled by icicles.  accidentally gestured and threw my fave ring into the snow, which resulted in about 5 minutes of frantic searching.  another lazy day of doing something and nothing, all at once.....

- me: coat: gap, tights bcbg, boots dr martens, shirt express, shorts pac sun; amanda: cardigan bcbg, jeans true religion, coat sinclair 10, boots necessary clothing-


so just lay your head down low, don't let anybody know...

typical weekend, although somehow all the stars were aligned and we managed to make to monday unscathed but with the satisfaction that all outfits and makeup fell into place.  saturday night was a departure for us, going to salsa night at a local bar (i felt strangely out of place, like baby in dirty dancing... i almost wanted to say "i carried a watermelon" but i was too busy learning the moves...one two step......) and a lazy day on sunday hitting up our hookah bar for some girl time and smoothies- and hookah, of course (orange flavor).  i have to say saturday was the high point of the evening, as amanda wore her favie coat that echoed a salsa dancers skirt and i somehow layered a day of eyeshadow plus my new faves to come up with a bruise like shade that i didn't want to wash off at the end of the night. unexpected and totally out of the box, do you expect anything else??!

-amanda: coat sinclair 10, boots arden b, me: eyeshadow nars, chanel, laura mercier, and maybillene, gloves forever 21-

brokedown palace

another by kelly lenard (see her in my last post here and also here), still from spending a weekend of drinking all night and driving around finding the most abandoned places to take pics during the day. i can't believe she found the only piece of green in the cold and frozen landscape, and this is why i absolutely love her and her talent.  found this shirt which, while not providing any sort of warmth to speak of, looks the closest thing to a sports jersey i can bear to put on so it works for me.  the lazer cut is absolutely amazing, but i always have a tinge of nervousness wearing it since i usually wear things that are way less delicate.  although i felt i had to tiptoe through the ready to collapse surroundings (we almost died from fear and laughter while i tentatively sat on an old tractor tire in the old attached barn while we both paid more attention to the ceiling that looked like the bottom of a trampoline with a group of gradeschoolers on top of it than taking pictures), we loved the feeling of near criminal behavior as we snuck through brokedown houses. 

-shirt IAN, boots bebe, jacket la rok-


falls apart; by herself

shots from a month or two ago from one of my favorite ways to spend a day- with the incredible kelly lenard and her snuggly dog sam... freezing our asses off, dragging old chairs around public places, and enjoying weird looks from people who are trying to appreciate the scenery while we have a moment at the dunes.  kelly, who also shot my pics for my post here, proved that her limitless talent only gets more and more insanely creative with each shot.  while you usually won't find me on a december day where the windchill brings the temps down to the teens wearing anything less than 5 different layers, i didn't even feel the cold because we were having way too much fun.  still a little torn on how i feel about the shoes, i always prefer a little bigger platform, but they seem to go with the dress so i suppose i will bring them out every once in a while. in any case, it is a good contrast to the broken down setting (and flea market find chair kelly's husband was hoping we would lose at our shoot) that we played in.

-dress alexander wang, shoes trouve, rings elizabeth &james, gurhan-


if only for a minute

last night in the city began with us tiredly trying to drag ourselves out after a day of doing nothing but sitting in a bar and people watching...promising each other that we could just go lay down after we picked up some food and visited our friends at hype one last time.  however, not ones to waste an outfit and severe eyes, the evening turned into a repeat of the last few, somehow losing several hours of the night and ending in the basement of a club laughing until we cried and dancing to stereo love again and again. 5am stop at a dunkin donuts rounded out our evening, the last midwest touch on our east coast adventure.  three hours of sleep later it was time to put together the room that looked like a thrift store exploded on it and walk our luggage down the four flights of stairs (much harder in reverse, we should have taken pictures of me trying to struggle with my 50 lb suitcase, this time going down- even worse than the walk up). don't think the city was ready for us, but we definitely turned it on its head, if only for a minute.

- me: dress bcbg runway, tights target, boots bebe; amanda: dress alice and olivia, scarf h&m, jacket lauren conrad, boots arden b-



after waking up at 6am in a new york hotel trying to figure out who was making constant weird noises throughout the night (for the record- pigeons), we spent our first real day browsing through soho and trying to keep ourselves from pulling out all major credit cards and possibly a second bag for the way home.  for our second night, our usual camera-whoreishness somehow was put on the backburner while we enjoyed another progressive drinking evening meeting new people and occasionally dancing on bars.  we did find this completely dark hole in the wall that featured real working candles covering every spare surface (the bartender told us it took her nearly an hour each night to light the individual tealights on the ten thousand sconces along the wall.  she either was lying or incredibly talented), a giant throne, and medieval church pews scattered throughout the back.  found our new favorite bar hype, and we met a great group that joined us in our stumble to meatpacking....where we somehow managed to avoid the ridiculously overpriced cover and end the night closing down one of the hottest clubs in the area.  reason #264 why we love nyc.

- me: dress elizabeth and james, jacket inochi,boots and half gloves bcbg; amanda: jeans true religion, shirt necessary clothing, shoes arden b-


soundtrack of our lives

definitely in love with this video.....and song.  i love how it celebrates a night hitting up the city and being fabulous, and was appropriate background music to every night while in new york.  also love how the song is still constantly playing in my mind alllll night long. 


its only as real as you believe it to be

so we managed to make it to nyc and back in one piece, with our bags clocking in at just a few ounces under the 50 lb weight limit.  who knew we would have to carry our luggage up 4 flights of stairs to our walk- in closet of a room...but yet it was so worth it.  somehow we managed to make it through getting frisked at the airport, me almost starting an argument with the airport security man about whether or not my sweater was a jacket or a shirt (i win, its a shirt), and having people stare for our excessive amount of photo opportunities on the plane.  you would have thought it was our first time out of the house.  first night out we somehow managed to hit up every hole in the wall bar in the city.  our friends once described us as being a hurricane, and i think we took new york by storm on this one. 

- me: fur sweater la rok, pants express, boots bcbg, little boy hanes wifebeater, amanda: dress alice and olivia, shirt and blazer from necessary clothing, boots jimmy choo hunter, jacket target-