squish dog

so i realize that i have been completely negligent about posting, but in my defense, this is the first time in the past few weeks that i have been accessorizing with anything other than a hospital-issue regulation facemask, since i have been battling the flu (not swine!) for the past week and half.  during this time, my camera also died, which made it tres difficult to take a picture during the daylight because it had to charge for no less than 2 hours before it was able to work, so please accept these darkened shots as a pre halloween post.   or something.  and i swear i don't abuse or stomp on my dog, he has the tendancy to act abused and guilty if you give him any command ("sit, louis!" turns into "bad dog louis you need to lay down and slink away before i beat you!" in his head).  he does act happy most of the time, especially when you are feeding him.....which i do, on a regular basis- i'm nice, i swear!!  today my trip out into civilization was a huge success, as i found two awesome pairs of shoes: bronze doc martins (genius!) and another pair of skanky sky high bebe heels (weird, i know, right?).  also solidified my halloween costume- pictures will be coming soon.  i promise to be more diligent about my posting, and will try and refrain from strange punctuation that i seem to be all about today. blame it on the swine..... 

-vintage lace top , shorts arden b, tights gap, boots bebe, jacket express-


footwear fetish

please excuse the lack of posts lately- not for lack of outfits, that is for sure....more for lack of photographers. my obsession for large obscenely high heels continues, and i have been lusting over these particular footwear items for quite some time now.  the first two are charles anastase- its a little hard to see from the front view, but the heels/ platforms on these are no less than 12 inches tall....it makes me want to test them out asap. the next two are alexander mcqueen, from his spring 2010 collection.......completely unwearable, but i want to own each pair simply because the silhouette on each is amazing and completely new.  the last pair is bcbg- in stores now, but slightly out of my budget still.  i have at least 5 outfits that i have mentally paired them with, and as soon as i stumble on to a pot of gold or a magical money tree, i will own them.  along with at least one of the anastase pairs. for now, i will stick with setting them as my computer wallpaper and carrying a little picture ripped from elle uk with me....