my warmest sleevless winter jacket as well as a pair of my favorite shoes- bcbg's mendel boots.  both of these purchases were my holiday gifts to myself, and i swear that they are the gifts that keep on giving, as i have got tons of use from each of them.  although andrew from ballcaps and neckties and i spent the chilly day walking around the city finding places to take pictures, this coat kept me super warm and comfy, and the platform on the shoes make them tres wearable.  the little metal kick in the back gives me lots of stability, as i am one to try to rock back on my high heels when i am standing around as well as run places when i get too cold (which is often). i love the texture of the coat and shoes over the all black outfit. for a little while, i blamed my poor dog for all of my black being covered in little hairs until i realized it was my coat that was doing all of the damage (and i love the coat too much to get mad at IT).  oddly enough, everything else in my life is filled with color, my wardrobe being the only exclusion...... 

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cat part deux

more fun times at the alley cat with ballcaps and neckties andrew- this is actually the second set of the last post- we had too many good opportunities to take pictures from this place to just limit ourselves to one posting.  still wearing my favorite sweater- make fun of me if you will, but i love the versatility of the hood/ neck element.  and in a bar like this, you need layers because it tends to be a little....drafty.  also wearing my bebe boots, which either make my feet look abnormally huge or maybe it is just the camera angle on that second to last shot, but in either case, i am going to stick with them.  congratulations to my talented photographer ben for the lighting in these pictures- it couldn't have turned out better.  have to love a bar where every square inch is covered in graffiti, and the cleanest place to sit is on the pool table....
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alley cats

more fun times with ballcaps and neckties andrew.......at this point, it seems that all we like to do is enthusiastically hang out in grungy alleys, but that is not the case at all.  we sometimes hang out in equally fabulous grungy alley bars, like the alley cat, which is where we were headed for these pictures.  sure getting sick of winter, but i was glad that i was able to use my extra large collar (or is it more appropriately called a turtleneck? or is it just a neck?...still have yet to figure it out) as a functioning hood.  and even though it is the middle of winter, i had to wear my most favorite open toe shoes, which did nothing to stop my ankles from enjoying the breeze that seeped in through the zips on my pants.  somehow the walk was worth it.....gotta love the lounge.
-pants topshop, sweater and shoes bebe, jacket express, clutch banana republic, rings bcbg, forever 21, and vintage-