its only as real as you believe it to be

so we managed to make it to nyc and back in one piece, with our bags clocking in at just a few ounces under the 50 lb weight limit.  who knew we would have to carry our luggage up 4 flights of stairs to our walk- in closet of a room...but yet it was so worth it.  somehow we managed to make it through getting frisked at the airport, me almost starting an argument with the airport security man about whether or not my sweater was a jacket or a shirt (i win, its a shirt), and having people stare for our excessive amount of photo opportunities on the plane.  you would have thought it was our first time out of the house.  first night out we somehow managed to hit up every hole in the wall bar in the city.  our friends once described us as being a hurricane, and i think we took new york by storm on this one. 

- me: fur sweater la rok, pants express, boots bcbg, little boy hanes wifebeater, amanda: dress alice and olivia, shirt and blazer from necessary clothing, boots jimmy choo hunter, jacket target-

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