after waking up at 6am in a new york hotel trying to figure out who was making constant weird noises throughout the night (for the record- pigeons), we spent our first real day browsing through soho and trying to keep ourselves from pulling out all major credit cards and possibly a second bag for the way home.  for our second night, our usual camera-whoreishness somehow was put on the backburner while we enjoyed another progressive drinking evening meeting new people and occasionally dancing on bars.  we did find this completely dark hole in the wall that featured real working candles covering every spare surface (the bartender told us it took her nearly an hour each night to light the individual tealights on the ten thousand sconces along the wall.  she either was lying or incredibly talented), a giant throne, and medieval church pews scattered throughout the back.  found our new favorite bar hype, and we met a great group that joined us in our stumble to meatpacking....where we somehow managed to avoid the ridiculously overpriced cover and end the night closing down one of the hottest clubs in the area.  reason #264 why we love nyc.

- me: dress elizabeth and james, jacket inochi,boots and half gloves bcbg; amanda: jeans true religion, shirt necessary clothing, shoes arden b-

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