if only for a minute

last night in the city began with us tiredly trying to drag ourselves out after a day of doing nothing but sitting in a bar and people watching...promising each other that we could just go lay down after we picked up some food and visited our friends at hype one last time.  however, not ones to waste an outfit and severe eyes, the evening turned into a repeat of the last few, somehow losing several hours of the night and ending in the basement of a club laughing until we cried and dancing to stereo love again and again. 5am stop at a dunkin donuts rounded out our evening, the last midwest touch on our east coast adventure.  three hours of sleep later it was time to put together the room that looked like a thrift store exploded on it and walk our luggage down the four flights of stairs (much harder in reverse, we should have taken pictures of me trying to struggle with my 50 lb suitcase, this time going down- even worse than the walk up). don't think the city was ready for us, but we definitely turned it on its head, if only for a minute.

- me: dress bcbg runway, tights target, boots bebe; amanda: dress alice and olivia, scarf h&m, jacket lauren conrad, boots arden b-

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