falls apart; by herself

shots from a month or two ago from one of my favorite ways to spend a day- with the incredible kelly lenard and her snuggly dog sam... freezing our asses off, dragging old chairs around public places, and enjoying weird looks from people who are trying to appreciate the scenery while we have a moment at the dunes.  kelly, who also shot my pics for my post here, proved that her limitless talent only gets more and more insanely creative with each shot.  while you usually won't find me on a december day where the windchill brings the temps down to the teens wearing anything less than 5 different layers, i didn't even feel the cold because we were having way too much fun.  still a little torn on how i feel about the shoes, i always prefer a little bigger platform, but they seem to go with the dress so i suppose i will bring them out every once in a while. in any case, it is a good contrast to the broken down setting (and flea market find chair kelly's husband was hoping we would lose at our shoot) that we played in.

-dress alexander wang, shoes trouve, rings elizabeth &james, gurhan-

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