i would like to say that my lack of posting has been out of sheer laziness, or that i have soooo much going on in my life that i can't find time to dress myself, let alone post, but really it is my lack of a properly functioning internet as well as a lack of a photographer.  good thing one of my best ever friends kelly lenard is extremely talented and was able to shoot a few unexpected pics in the most unexpected of places- wine fest- this spring.  wine fest also happened to take place near this awesomely weird campsite that included several random broken down cars and trucks, army gear, and a paintball site to make any military trainee jealous.  (i assume, i don't know for sure, but it sure made me jealous so its close enough).   probably one of the only times you may catch me in flats, but hiking through extreme mud while drinking a variety of alcoholic beverages with my bff's calls for some underappreciated footwear. 

-shirt and sweater arden b, leggings bcbg, random motorcycle boots, sunglasses ysl-

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