brokedown palace

another by kelly lenard (see her in my last post here and also here), still from spending a weekend of drinking all night and driving around finding the most abandoned places to take pics during the day. i can't believe she found the only piece of green in the cold and frozen landscape, and this is why i absolutely love her and her talent.  found this shirt which, while not providing any sort of warmth to speak of, looks the closest thing to a sports jersey i can bear to put on so it works for me.  the lazer cut is absolutely amazing, but i always have a tinge of nervousness wearing it since i usually wear things that are way less delicate.  although i felt i had to tiptoe through the ready to collapse surroundings (we almost died from fear and laughter while i tentatively sat on an old tractor tire in the old attached barn while we both paid more attention to the ceiling that looked like the bottom of a trampoline with a group of gradeschoolers on top of it than taking pictures), we loved the feeling of near criminal behavior as we snuck through brokedown houses. 

-shirt IAN, boots bebe, jacket la rok-

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