so just lay your head down low, don't let anybody know...

typical weekend, although somehow all the stars were aligned and we managed to make to monday unscathed but with the satisfaction that all outfits and makeup fell into place.  saturday night was a departure for us, going to salsa night at a local bar (i felt strangely out of place, like baby in dirty dancing... i almost wanted to say "i carried a watermelon" but i was too busy learning the moves...one two step......) and a lazy day on sunday hitting up our hookah bar for some girl time and smoothies- and hookah, of course (orange flavor).  i have to say saturday was the high point of the evening, as amanda wore her favie coat that echoed a salsa dancers skirt and i somehow layered a day of eyeshadow plus my new faves to come up with a bruise like shade that i didn't want to wash off at the end of the night. unexpected and totally out of the box, do you expect anything else??!

-amanda: coat sinclair 10, boots arden b, me: eyeshadow nars, chanel, laura mercier, and maybillene, gloves forever 21-

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