spending another dreary day at the wine bar with ben and andrew of ballcaps and neckties....at this point i am beginning to think spring is never going to get here, save for a few days of near warmth that we have had recently. however, i refuse to let the weather get the best of me and will sacrifice comfort and warmth and not wear a coat, even if its 32 degrees out, just on principle- spring is supposed to be officially here, right?! wearing my cozy sweater that i will be sad to put away when it does get warm- i love that i can use the extra fabric as a blanket when i sit. on accident, i wore a really old pair of tights that i have worn to death- i don't know why i have kept them because they are falling apart, but after coming to terms with them as the day went on, i decided that i love the burnout like texture that they possess. i like the look so much that i might actually wear them again, this time on purpose!

-shirt bcbg, shorts pacsun, boots sam edelman-


hiking shoes

back at it after a week in nyc.....great week, although getting snowed in in the city the last few days and becoming intimately familiar with the la guardia airport is not my preferred way to spend a weekend (snow should be pretty, and umbrellas should only be used for a light rain, not as a shield against torrential sleet-ick).  coming home to more gray dreary weather doesn't help- i'm beginning to think it will never get warm here.   hiking the monon with ben and andrew of ballcaps and neckties in a pair of the worst hiking boots imaginable made for some good laughs when actual hikers and runners would stop and give weird looks.  also wearing one of my very few new york purchases- a zara snake belt...still kind of wondering about the functionality, but i feel as though it would be a great addition to almost every outfit.  

-belt zara, bag maison martin margiela, dress american apparrel, tights h&m, shoes bcbg, coat express-